Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kim & Boys at the Farm

Before Lucas turned 2 Kim & her boys flew out for a nice long visit to the farm.
They stopped to visit Baba at Lacombe & warmed her heart.

It was cold so the boys cheeks turned rosy as they played in the snow.

Nicholas as the King of the Snowbank

Nic & Luc playing on the toboggan

Luc never met an animal he didn't like & he loved our cats almost to their death!!!!!

Nic riding the horsey Grandpa set up for him in the house where it was warm.

The neighbors had baby lambs to bottlefeed

Grandpa introducing Nic to the heifers

They all wondered who this little person was!

Nic enjoying a winter pear with Grandpa

The hot tub got used every day

Lucas enjoying an apple with Grandma

Nic & Grandpa studying the Bull Sale catalogue

Having a ride on the snowmobile

Learning about farm safety with a stickerbook
(notice the toothpick in Murray's mouth - well Nic wanted to copy grandpa so he was picking ice , haha, out of his teeth the first day & every meal after that he made sure to set out a toothpick beside his & grandpa's plates!)

Feeding bison & Nic cutting strings off the bale for grandpa

Luc & the cats again

Nic brushing Dayleen's 4-H calf

Luc sitting on Scott Kerr's 4H calf

With Great Grandpa

Cuddling with Grandma
We packed a lot of activity into a week but the visit still wasn't long enough!
Every day is something new to discover on the farm & wouldn't you know the day after they left we had our first calf. Hopefully there will be many more visits to the farm where there is much to explore. Nic was thrilled to actually be able to walk home from riding with Grandpa ALL BY HIMSELF. Like Kim said, in the city they never go anywhere by themselves. We don't realize how free kids are in the country.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Snow

Reminescent of Dr. Zhivago!
The beginnings of an igloo!

Happy Birthday Mom

On New Years Day Mom turned 88.
We celebrated with a turkey supper and cake oc course.

Christmas in Comox

Kim set a lovely table and put on a scrumptious spread for Christmas dinner. Luc missed it as he was napping!
Our family
Here comes Santa's elf!
Lucas enjoying the ribbon!
Luc got a drum set and other percussion instruments. He is a natural.

Christmas morning stockings with Mommy
Handsome brothers

Ready for church

Sunday at the hotel pool
where Scott & Patricia stayed

Nic had no fear. Here he is flying!

Toy Story puzzle with Grandpa

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grant Imes 1923-2010

Fondly remembering Uncle Grant Imes - Peggy's brother, of Calgary - who went to sleep Christmas Eve & didn't wake up Christmas morning. We will miss his wit & wry sense of humor.
He was a WW ll vet who carried shrapnel in him til his death. His rest now is well earned.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day with Jaren & Landen

Today Jaren & Landen came for the day. We did all kinds of things but while playing with the kittens Jaren said it was the most fun at our house EVER!
Boys, kittens & boxes make for lots of fun
Don't tell Angie I kept them in boxes all day! Ha! Ha!

Sheba & Jaren at the barn

Landen & Sam had a mutual admiration thing going!

Boys & their toys
This Grandma enjoyed getting primed for time with her grandsons at Christmas!
Come again soon guys.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Intrpoducing Sheba & Sam

Yesterday Murray's dad brought home some half grown kittens as our farm is not catless. Today Murray brought them to the house and they made themselves right at home. They are so tame & loveable.

Sheba & Sam


Sheba & Me
Those of you who know me well will find this pic hard to believe but they even stole my heart. Mind you they went back to the barn after we had played with them for a few hours!